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How We Add Value

Our teams specialize in every service area you need for your retirement plan. Working with us relieves you of the need to become an expert in plan admistration when you have your own work to do. 403(b) plans once allowed for DIY or self-administration, but today's environment requires a professional expertise and vigilence. Call 877-484-4400 or contact us through our email form.

  • ADMIN personnel have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Tax Exempt and Governmental Retirement market.
  • We do not administer corporate 401(k) Plans so we are solely focused on your specialized plan types.
  • Other firms deliberately limit investment provider choice. We always create custom solutions for complex plans including distressed (out of compliance) plans.
  • Administer a variety of specialized plans with unique compliance requirements (e.g. churches, 501(c)3 ERISA Exempt, FICA Alternative Plans, and State Hybrid Plans (Virginia et al).
  • "Hands-on" approach in client relations throughout the transition process and after. We stay committed during the entire relationship with all our clients.
  • Pledged to provide excellent customer service: our phones are always answered by real people who are trained to respond to diverse issues in a timely fashion.
  • Work closely with Investment Advisors and Plan sponsor representatives to create the best solution for all parties.
  • Maintain information sharing with more than 80 and cost sharing relationships with over 50 different Plan Product Providers; more than any other TPA in the current market.

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Passionate about perfection

Creative thinkers

Suzanne Baldino JonesSuzanne Baldino Jones

Co-Founder, President & Chief Compliance Officer

Suzanne Baldino Jones, Co-founder, President and Chief Compliance Officer for ADMIN Partners, died on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, after a long and hard-fought battle with cancer.

Suzanne's storied career as a corporate executive, consultant, author, and business owner touched so many people's lives. Her charisma, character, and business-savvy left a lasting imprint that will influence her friends and colleagues for a lifetime.

To honor Suzanne’s legacy, Admin Partners pledges to uphold her passionate views regarding the business she helped build, and the compassionate and unforgettable way she led and supported the people who worked with her.

Mark Heisler

Mark Heisler

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mark's career spans more than 30 years in financial, retirement, and healthcare services holding various executive and management positions.

David Scheuring

David K. Scheuring

Senior Vice President of Technology and Business Development

David is an entrepreneurial leader who, over the course of his career, has demonstrated his ability to lead and achieve organizational goals.

Maria Speeney Johnson

Maria Speeney Johnson

Vice President of Operations and Service

Maria has over 22 years of experience managing all service functions as well as the training and development of the company's distribution channel.

Doug Baldino

Doug Baldino

New Business Department Manager

Doug transitions the new clients, develops and distributes various client communications, interacts with Operations and Managed Services as well as maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Mike Verna

Michael Verna

Manager of Data Management & Cash Control Area

Mike's team is responsible for initiating and maintaining business relationships with approximately 80 different investment/product providers.

Greg Verna

Greg Verna

Sales Manager

Greg transitions ADMIN's new public education clients through all the phases. He also maintains existing client databases, and ensures that necessary communications are sent out in a timely fashion.


Brian Boland

Plan Administrator

Like Anthony Heisler, Brian maintains plan related documents, high level compliance issues, and year end materials.

Anthony Heisler

Anthony Heisler

Plan Administrator

Anthony is responsible for maintaining and updating plan related documents as well as handling high level compliance issues and year end materials.

Jason Kaplan

Jason Kaplan

Quality Control Leader

As Quality Control Leader, Jason audits all contribution and compliance processes to maintain the high standards of ADMIN Partners. He also ensures that IRS and DOL rules and regulations are being adhered to as part of ADMIN Partners’ best practice. Other responsibilities include: documentation of all standard operating procedures within the company, as well as documentation of any governmental reforms.

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